Rulings on Magic

General Magic Rulings


  • Pure Arcane spell users get the usual four extra base lists. [3/3/00]
  • Non-spell users with Arcane as their realm use the "Own Realm" costs for purchasing spells. Only use the "Aracane" costs for non-arcane characters. [4/17/00]

Bonus Spell Items

  • PP multipliers increase the number of power points you can gain from resting or other such activities.[2, 12/10/99]
  • PP multipliers affect when penalties for PP use come into play. A character who normally has 50 PP, with a x2 multiplier, will not feel ill effects until he has 75 PP left. [12/7/99]
  • Losing the multiplier does not make you lose any extra points you gained. [2, 12/10/99]
  • Picking up a PP multiplier does nothing for you until you gain back PPs. [12/10/99]
  • PPs channeled to you while you have a PP multiplier do not get multiplied. [2, 12/11/99]
  • Losing a PP multiplier will change when your penalities for PP usage occur. [2, 12/14/99]
  • If you lose a PP multiplier and end up with more PPs than your current limit, you will suffer no ill effects unless you are using the burnoout rules from the Arcane Companion. [X, 12/16/99]
  • You can gain the effects of a multiplier and an adder by gaining the multiplied points one day, sleeping, and then using the adder the next day. [12/16/99]
  • Only one bonus spell item may be used between periods of rest. [R, 12/16/99]

Cancelling Spells

  • Elemental attack spells can be cancelled by Cancel <Realm> spells. [3/29/00]
  • Cancelling spells is done by the level of the caster, not the level of the spell. [R, 5/4/00]

Casting Spells

  • Spells cast from items always take one round to cast, regardless of the level of the item's user. [2, R, 10/18/99]
  • Spells cast from items count against the one spell per turn limit. [11/17/99]
  • You must use your own directed spell bonus when using an item to cast a spell. [11/17/99]
  • You don't need powerpoints for each realm. If a chanelling spell-user casts a mentalism spell, he still uses his chanelling power points. [11/9/99]
  • If you are casting a spell of a realm different from yours, the spell retains it's realm (for RRs and such), but you have to meet the casting requirements for your realm (armor, equipment, and such). [3, 11/10/99] Non-spell casters cast based on the realm they chose when they started learning spells. [1/8/00]
  • A hybrid spell user treats both of the realms as "own realm" for development point costs. [11/10/99]
  • Instantaneous spells go off in whatever phase you declared them in, not necessarily the snap action phase. [11/17/99]
  • A hybrid's base spells can be dispelled by spells affecting either realm. [R, 12/10/99]
  • A hybrid's PP progression is the lower of the two for his realms. [R, 1/8/00]
  • A hybrid's realm stat is the average of the two realm stats for his two realms [R, 1/8/00]
  • Hybrid's get the own realm bonus to RRs against both of their realms. [1/13/00]
  • Arcanists only get the own realm bonus to RRs against Arcane. [1/13/00]
  • Hybrids get the own realm bonus against hybrid base spells that share one of their realms. [1/15/00]
  • Penalties for armor, equipment, and such apply to subconcious spells. Penalties for not speaking, waving hands, and such do not apply. [X, 12/17/99]
  • Subconcious spells will be prepared enough rounds to cast the spell automatically. [12/18/99]
  • When rolling on the spell failure chart, only apply the negative mods from the SCSM, not the positive ones. [3, 1/3/00] This means check each individual mod for positive/negative, not the total modification. [1/4/00]
  • You do get the +10 for casting a spell in the deliberate action phase. This really only affects SCSMs. [1/11/00]
  • The ranges on the SCSM chart in RMSS are correct. [3/9/00]
  • Injuries, hits taken, and exhaustion do not interfere with automatic spell casting, as long as the caster is concious. [2/22/00]
  • SCSMs are modified by the general static maneuver modifications in T-4.4, and by penalties from injuries. [2/22/00]
  • Preparation has no effect on the chance of casting an instantaneous spell. [3/12/00]
  • Penalties from criticals do apply to SCSM's, but not ESF rolls. [4/26/00]
  • You may cast a spell while concentrating on another spell. [4/27/00]


  • Actions done outside of the combat round (when second by second reckoning does not matter) do not need to adhere to the percentage activity system, and do not get the -50 for concentration. [3/30/00]
  • Concentration takes 50% activity. [R, 3/30/00]

Continuous Items

  • For spells that affect targets, assume that each round the spell is cast once each round, and targets each new target in the area of effect. This means each target makes only one RR, unless it leaves the area of effect and returns. [11/23/99]
  • Casting a spell from an "at will" item can be done while stunned, and does not require an action, just speaking the command word. [4/25/00]

Deliberate Actions

  • Spells get +10 to the SCSM roll if done during the deliberate phase. [1/12/00]

Directed Spells

  • Does not apply to "ball" spells. [2/12/00]


  • Armor has the following affect on ball attacks: half of the quality bonus is applied against the EAR, a bonus for the helmet is applied against the EAR, and the armor type determines which collumn to roll on. [12/3/99]
  • You do not get a RR against EARs [2, R, 12/3/99]
  • The DB of a creature applies in full against Ball and Directed spells. [3/14/00]


  • If you are awarding familiars experience, they advance at the same level intervals as characters. [4/17/00]
  • Familiars will stay near the caster and be loyal to him, but otherwise retain free will. [4/17/00]
  • Familiars do not gain increased intelligence by becoming familiars. [4/17/00]
  • True familiars are different from normal familiars, and do gain some intelligence when they become familiars. [R, 4/18/00]
  • Invested familiars only get the benefits listed in the Investiture spell, not those normally given to true familiars. [4/19/00]

Force Spells

  • You get a RR vs. force spells. [R, 12/3/99]
  • You get a RR vs. area affect force spells, including Vacuum. [X, 3/6/00]


  • Average the realm stat bonus for hybrid spell users [R, 4/30/00]


  • Casting an attack spell will make you visible again. [4/23/00]

Magical Items

  • An attunement roll can be made to tell if an item is magical or not. [3/9/00]

Mental Attack Spells

  • Mental attack spells do not affect created undead (excluding self motivating undead like vampires and liches), plants, slimes, constructs without a given mission, elementals (excluding elemental savants) and servants. [2/14/00]
  • Targets of Fm spells who fail their RR do not necessarily realize they have been the target of a spell. [3/10/00]

Power Perception

  • NEW Illusions and Invisibility are active spells, and can be dected by Power Perception. [5/22/00]

Power Points

  • You do not have to have a rank in Power Point Development to use PPs, just a positive bonus. [2/3/00]
  • Penalties for having used more than 25% of your power points only affect SCSMs. [2/22/00]


  • You may not prepare two different skills in the same round. [X, 11/16/99]
  • Preparation is only interrupted by down, stun, or kill results. [R, 11/8/99]

Resistance Rolls

  • RRs against items are done against the level of the item, not the level of the item's user. [R, 10/18/99]
  • The DB of a creature does not apply to its RRs. [2, 3/14/00]
  • RRs may be done against passive spells (type P), but they will only determine if the target is aware he's had a spell cast on him. They will not stop the spell from working. [R, 2, 3/29/00]
  • Resistance rolls are not used against informational or elemental spells, except to avoid being at the center point of a ball spell. RRs are generally not used for utility spells, except at GM's discretion. RRs are used against force spells, if there is a target capable of resisting. [R, 4/8/00]


  • The GM can change the rules. [R, 12/8/99]

Rune Paper

  • Having deciphered the rune on a piece of rune paper gives you the ability to cast a spell, but it does not cast the spell. You still have to make a spell casting roll, which may require a SCSM. [1/26/00]
  • Non-spell users may use runes. [1/29/00]
  • You do not need to know the spell normally in order to cast the rune. [1/29/00]

Spell Mastery

  • The bonuses from the Power Manipulation static maneuver do apply to any SCSM resulting from the Spell Mastery skill roll. [R, X, 2/10/00]
  • The penalties to the Spell Mastery roll do not apply to any SCSM. [2/10/00]
  • You may not use Spell Mastery to "double" a fireball, gaining double hits and crits. [2/11/00]
  • Doubling the area of effect will depend on how the area is defined. If a radius is given, the radius is doubled; if a volume is given, the volume is doubled. [3/5/00]
  • The spell goes off normally if the Spell Mastery roll is failed (assuming any SCSM's are made also) [4/23/00]
  • If you extend a range from self to touch, the target becomes the caster for spell effects. He has to concentrate if necessary, but does not have to stay at touch range. [4/27/00]
  • Spell Mastery must be used when the spell is cast, not while it is in effect. [5/9/00]
  • Making the area affect smaller has the same penalties as making it bigger, just replace multiplication with division. [5/12/00]

Suggestions and Quests

  • "Reveal everything you know about this or that" is a valid suggestion or quest. [3/10/00]

Utility Spells

  • Utility spells may only be cast on the caster, a willing target, or a target incappable of resistance. [R, 4/22/00]

Willing Target

  • A willing target is one that has acknowledged that they are willing for the caster to cast a spell on them. [4/23/00]

Arcane Spell Rulings

Arcane Signs, Open Arcane

  • All of the "Sign of" spells include the -20 RR mod from Sign of Hesitation. [1/9/00]
  • Sign of Fear's RR is based on Arcane, not Fear or Essence. [1/9/00]

Spell Triggers, Open Arcane

  • Enhanced Sense Trigger should have the same area of effect and range as Sense Trigger. [1/15/00]

Arcane Healing, Closed Arcane

  • Greater Healing can heal shattered bones as well as muscles and tendons. [4/20/00]

Arcane Visions, Closed Arcane

  • The table data for Dream I is area of effect: caster, duration: 1 sleep, range: self, type: I. [3/31/00]
  • Location has the same description as the one on Open Channeling's Detection Mastery. [3/31/00]
  • Dream III is 12th level. [3/31/00]
  • Retrocognition is the 25th level spell. [3/31/00]

Bladerunes, Closed Arcane

  • Bladerunes may only be put on items, not on your skin. [R, 5/8/00]

Power Focus, Arcane Base

  • Increase Limit does not require tapping a source. [5/3/00]

Arcane Senses, Chaotic Base

  • The table date for Torment is 1 Target, 1 Min/Lvl, 100', F

Channeling Spell Rulings

Light's Way, Open Channeling

  • Aura is not cumulative with Blur. [2, R, X, 11/8/99]

Blood Law, Closed Channeling

  • Minor vessel repair includes repairing minor vessels and minor arteries, not just capillaries. Such a minor vessel is anything that bleeds at less than five hits per round. [1/11/00]

Nerve Law, Closed Channeling

  • Unparalysis takes effect when cast, and lasts for the listed duration. This is the correct duration, even though in conflicts with the same spell on the Holy Healing list. Use the duration for the list you learned the spell off of. [1/19/00]

Animal Summons, Animist Base

  • If you use two options are used to increase the duration of a Summons spell, the duration is quadrupled. [1/16/00]
  • If you summon two animals with a Summons spell, one duration option will double the duration for both animals. The same holds for raising the level of the animals summond. [1/16/00]

Channels, Cleric Base

  • The Sanctuary spell should read "meditating for 16 hours each day." [1/18/00]

Repulsions, Cleric Base

  • The restriction of going up a level before trying again applies only to Remove Curse, not to Neutralize Curse. [5/9/00]

Summons, Cleric Base

  • When a creature is summoned, the closest one of the appropriate type will come to you at a reasonable pace. [10/6/99]
  • The definition of immediate area depends on local geograph (that is, a valley may be smaller than a plain). [10/6/99]

Cleansing, Healer Base

  • The Transfer spell does not heal the wound, you must cast the appropriate healing spell to do that. You do not have to heal the wound after transfering, but you can't do it without another spell. [1/13/00]

Summoning Bond, Summoner Base

  • The Bond spell provides for no control of the creature, that must be obtained through other means. [1/16/00]
  • The target of a Bond spell remains bonded to you even if it leaves your service. [1/16/00]
  • For Status I, the area of effect is 1 creature/lvl, the duration is -, the range is 100'/lvl, and the type is U. [2/5/00]

Essence Spell Rulings

Rune Mastery, Open Essence

  • The caster of Rune X and the caster of the spell to be imbeded on the rune paper must be the same person. [11/14/99]
  • If a mentalism spell is put onto rune paper, it's a mentalism rune. That is the relevant realm for determining bonuses to any read runes maneuver. [11/14/99]
  • When using Spell Store, each spell must be checked for automatic casting and the necessity of a SCSM. [2, 2/8/00]
  • Spell Store retains its level, irregardless of the PPs used to cast it. [2/8/00]
  • When casting the stored spell as an instantaneous spell, use the instantaneous collumn for any SCSM. [2/8/00]
  • Spell store requires using the PPs when you first cast the spell, and when you cast Spell Store, but not when you later cast the spell as an instant spell. [5/2/00]

Gate Mastery, Closed Essence

  • Each spell user can only have one familiar at any one time. [2, R, 10/20/99]
  • The 10% of caster's mass for a familiar only applies at the time of casting. However, there is a 20 lb. limit that always applies. [R, 10/29/99]

Lofty Bridge, Closed Essence

  • To use the Leaping spell, you must have a firm base to leap off of (at least firm enough to normally jump off of). Semi-firm bases may limit the distance of the jump or disallow it completely, at the GM's discretion. [11/17/99]
  • Leaping provides no control for the jump beyond going the specified distance and landing safely. [11/17/99]
  • Flying is like walking or running, and takes up percentage activity just like other movement. Complicated maneuvers may require a Flying moving maneuver. [1/4/00]

Rapid Ways, Closed Essence

  • If Haste or Speed is cast in the deliberate phase, it can affect either the current turn's activity or the next turn's activity. [4/27/00]

Various, Magician Base

  • Only one bolt of a triad bolt gets the directed spell bonus, even if they are fired at the same target. [10/7/99]

Shield Mastery, Closed Essence

  • Shield, Blur, and Enchanted Robes can all be combined. [12/28/99]

Spell Reins, Closed Essence

  • Spell Bending works against all elemental attacks, not just directed ones. [R, 11/10/99]

Spirit Mastery, Closed Essence

  • For Word of Death you must specify a table that has an 'E' critical on it, you cannot specify a collumn on the Large Creature Critical Table. [12/26/99]

Crystalist Casting, Essence Training Package

  • The tapping spells need only be cast once per crystal, not once per crystal use. [2/27/00]

Gas Destruction, Sorceror Base

  • Armor does not protect against the criticals done by Vacuum, unless the critical result specifies such. [12/3/99]

Mentalism Spell Rulings

Anticipations, Open Mentalism

  • Anticipate Spell only works against actual spells, not innate creature abilities that immitate or are similar to spells. [1/4/00]
  • The normal DB in Anticipate Spell is whatever your DB would normally be in that situation. Note that this is for area effects, and you get a +20 vs. area effects in the RMFRP version of the spell. [1/4/00]
  • The range and duration for Anticipate Hostility are correct. [4/25/00]

Attack Avoidance, Open Mentalism

  • You may not combine a Shield spell with a normal shield. [R, 12/28/99]
  • Bladeturn should give -50 to one attack. [3/30/00]
  • Bladeturn has to be cast on the same turn as the attack, not the same phase. [4/27/00]
  • Bladeturn has to be cast before the attack it is affecting [X, 5/14/00]
  • Bladeturn must be resolved in the turn it is cast. [4/27/00]

Movement, Closed Mentalism

  • Underwater Movement does not allow you to breathe underwater. [4/4/00]
  • Simple ruling: Underwater Movement treats water as air for all purposes relating to the caster. Literal ruling: Underwater Movement treats water as air for all actions the caster instigates. [4/4/00]
  • The effects of Underwater Movement only extend to objects that the caster is touching. [4/5/00]

Solid Manipulation, Closed Mentalism

  • Chill/Heat solid can be used on weapons to cause criticals, but it will also cause criticals to the person using the weapon. [1/10/00]

Dream Travel, Mentalism Training Package

  • Enter Dream World should read "The target enters the dream world with only his mental capabilities and the dream-self's pseudo-body, and needs Dream Spells and Dream Empowerment spells to manipulate the dream world." [2/5/00, thanks to Nicholas Caldwell]

Fortress Law, Armsmaster Base

  • Many of the spells on this list require the permission of the rightful owner. If the Armsmaster is decieved about this, the spell will fail. [2, 3/6/00]
  • The spells on this list that must rest on a solid surface must rest on one that could support the weight of a normal barrier of the same size. [4/27/00]
  • A camp can be used for the spells on this list requiring a "fortress," if a temporary or permanent structure has been built in the camp. [4/27/00]
  • Mantlet can be cast multiple times. [5/9/00]
  • 7 People can fit within a Mantlet, but only 6 can melee out, and only two of them can attack any particular target. [5/9/00]

Seeming Memories, Enchanter Base

  • The limits on experience points for Copy Experience do not apply to Remove Experience. [2/5/00]

Misdirections, Magent Base

  • For Unseen, 1 garmet is one piece of clothing, not one set of clothing. [5/4/00]

Mind Visions, Seer Base

  • The target of Questioning must tell the truth, but is not required to tell the whole truth. [2/27/00]

Vision Guard, Seer Base

  • The rules for piercing one of these spells are given in the Mentalism Companion, section 11.5. [R, 1/24/00]
  • False Scrying would mess up a Containment Lore spell (Magehunter base). [1/25/00]
  • Detect Destiny will not notice a person with a Mark spell cast on them. [1/25/00]
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