Rulings on Old Rolemaster

These are rulings to cover older versions of Rolemaster, pre-RMSS. Many of the rulings made for RMSS can also be applied to the old Rolemaster. YMMV.

Similar Skills

  • NEW Thrown and melee skills for the same weapon are not similar. [5/21/00]

Creatures & Treasures


  • There is no general rule for what critical is slaying against an elemental, it is given in the elemental's description. [12/27/99]

Rolemaster Companion II

Elemental Ways, Warrior Mage Base

  • The ranges on this list are correct. [4/23/00]

High Warrior Monk

  • NEW Use the skill costs given for the High Warrior Monk if you are using RoCo II. [5/17/00]

Rolemaster Companion III


  • Ignore the second "Deadly Skills...Silent Kill...5." [5/4/00]


  • The level bonuses for the Craftsman are the same as No Profession [5/4/00]

Spirit Runes, Magus Base

  • You may Temper an item, imbed a rune, and then temper the item some more. [1/10/99]
  • Bonuses from Spirit Runes are not cumulative with other magical bonuses on the item. [1/10/99]
  • There is no limit to the number of Spirit Runes that may be put on an item. [1/11/99]
  • It is assumed that the spell does the engraving of the rune onto the item. [1/11/99]

Spell Law


  • Alchemists may not add abilities to items after they are forged. The item must be reforged, losing any abilities it currently has. [1/10/99]

Casting Time

  • A spell that requires two rounds of prep resolves during the spell results phase of the third round (after two round of prep). [11/10/99]


  • NEW Healers do not have to make a diagnosis roll before casting a transferral spell. [6/8/00]

Organic Merging

  • Realistic: When the target moves under it's own power, the caster is left behind. Otherwise, the caster moves with the target. Simple: The caster is left behind whenever the target moves. [10/5/99]

Spell User's Companion

Barriers, Closed Essence

  • Elemental Bolts will pentrate a Magic Barrier, as will Elemental Balls with a center outside the barrier. This is because the elements are doing the attacking, not a spell. [1/15/99]
  • Magic Barrier will stop an Elemental Ball from being centered within the barrier. [1/15/99]
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