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November 2023

2 – Compilation Supplements

Part 2 – Compilation Supplements

There are several supplements that came out for Rolemaster Standard System that were basically subsets or reprints of material in other Rolemaster Standard System books. These are listed here for completeness, but won’t be dealt with individually in much detail. The material in them will be covered under the product that the material was derived from.

5501 Rolemaster The Basics

Rolemaster is a detailed, state-of-the-art FRP system that adds realism and depth to your campaign without sacrificing playability. Rolemaster:The Basics provides all of the elements that you need to learn to play in one of the most realistic FRP systems available. Experience the ultimate in fantasy role playing, Rolemaster.

A simplified version of the Rolemaster System, offers a subset of the main rules to get you started.

5502 Rolemaster GM Screen

A collection of the most commonly used tables.

5503 Rolemaster Player Guide

This book contains everything that a beginning Rolemaster player needs to know about how to play. This solves the problem of trying to introduce new players to Rolemaster, only to have them balk at the immense volume of information to absorb. In addition, veteran Rolemaster players will find the pre-generated characters and summarized rules a great reference!

A subset of the Standard System rules with a general overview of the system and several sample

5504 Rolemaster Character Records

Rolemaster Character Records features customized pages for each of the 16 races/cultures in RMSS, a weapons skill sheet that provides a master listing of all weapons & their categories, and a spell skill sheet that provides enough space to list all levels of spell development.

5505 Rolemaster Annual 1996

The Rolemaster Annual 1996 provides replacement pages for certain sections of the RMSS (to reflect 1996 additions to the system), as well as providing master tables for many areas of the system. In addition, the Rolemaster Annual also provides character record sheets for the new races and professions in the RMSS (these sheets are not available in any other product.) All pages are provided in an easy-to-use, 3-hole drill, and perforated format.

5506 Rolemaster Annual 1997

This product brings to you the necessary components of the RMSS that have been updated over the year of 1997. Inside you will find the updated Master Development Point and Master Training Package Tables. Skill and skill category character record sheets have been added for the new professions, and blank record sheets have been added for the genre books. With new spell skill development record, Master spell list, (pages have been updated to reflect the new spell lists in the system) and a Master Height and Weight table for all the races of the RMSS. Three-hole drilled, perforated.

5510 Rolemaster 3 in 1

Boxed set that contained Rolemaster Standard System, Spell Law, and Arms Law.

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