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21 – Summary and Conclusion


Part 21 – Summary and Conclusion


This series of articles has examined the differences between Rolemaster Standard Rules and Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing in detail.

Overall, the changes made between RMSS and RMFRP are very minimal and a character created with either set of rules would work perfectly fine. There are really no inherent problems with have a mix of books between the two systems. The only exception to this is Talent Law. If you are using Talents and Flaws in your Gaming group, I would highly recommend replacing RMSS Talent Law with RMFRP Character Law. If this isn’t feasible, there is enough information in this series of articles to update your copy of Talent Law to match the changes presented in Character Law.

My other recommendation is to get a copy of RMFRP School of Hard Knocks, the Skills Companion. The expanded descriptions of the Categories and Skills are very helpful, and it adds several new Professions and Training packages to the game.

Any of the supplements that came out for RMSS that aren’t available for RMFRP yet are still perfectly usable with RMFRP.

I hope this series of articles has proved useful, and feel free to post any questions, comments, or things I may have overlooked in the comment box below, or on the ICE forums, or email me at

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  • Xarxares

    Reaaly good, thanks! picked up the RMSS books from my attic again after a long time. I was wondering what had changed, but not to much luckily no AD&D revisions and addons every 2 months.

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