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December 2023

3 – Non Reprinted Supplements

Part 3 – Non Reprinted Supplements

There are several supplements that came out for Rolemaster Standard System that weren’t reprinted in any form for Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying.

These remain the most up to date versions of this material and can be used with Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying without difficulty.

5524 Weapon Law: Firearms

Weapons Law: Firearms provides all of the tables and information you need to resolve combat involving firearms from the Renaissance to the modern day. Weapon Law: Firearms gives you more than 40 attack tables covering all firearms through the modern day, new critical strike tables, and a new weapon failure table. You’ll find complete statistics for over 500 specific weapons covering all major areas and times from medieval to modern, and rules for incorporating firearm combat into your role playing game

5541 Races & Cultures: Underground Races

Come to the depths of the world and explore these fully detailed cultures! Each of the underground races in this volume, including Dwarves, Gnolls, Gnomes, Goblins, Halflings, Hobgoblins, Kobolds, five different kinds of Orcs, and Troglodytes, has pages of specialized weapons, lifestyle and religious notes, training packages, spell lists, adolescent development tables, and much more!

In Races & Cultures: Underground Races you will find all manner of lore about those peoples who dwell beneath the earth!

5542 Castles & Ruins

Inside this sourcebook, you will find details on the history of castles, the construction of castles, the folk who dwell in and around castles, as well as how castles age to become ruins.

5600 Arcane Companion

Now you can probe the origins of the most powerful, but hardest to control, type of magic: Arcane. This companion explores the dangerous world of Arcane spells, the professions adopted by the Arcane spell users, and the ancient and powerful Arcane spells themselves. Includes four new professions, 46 Arcane spell lists, and new spell attack and critical strike tables. A Spell Failure table unveils the risks and perils of using Arcane magic. For Gamemasters, we include a discussion of Arcane magic, as well as rules for controlling the acquisition of Arcane magic.

5602 Martial Arts Companion

The Martial Arts Companion adds true depth to martial arts in your game. Whether you run historical, fantasy, or even modern day campaigns, the rules in this product will assist you in giving martial artists the strengths (and weaknesses) they deserve. With new and redesigned martial arts skills, examples of historical martial arts styles, guidelines on how to make the concept of martial arts fit into your campaign, and rules to customize martial arts styles. Introducing new variants of the Monk profession with new and revised spell lists for each, and new attack tables for martial arts weapons.

5603 Essence Companion

From forgotten tomes of magic to the schools of wizards, now comes forth a deeper exploration of the realm of Essence! The Essence Companion delves deeply into the magical realm of Essence magic. Inside, you will find new professions, variant rules, new options, and a wealth of spells.

NOTE: Due to contractual problems between the authors of the Essence Companion and the original ICE,a large part of the print run for this supplement was destroyed and as a result it is very difficult to find a copy of this particular supplement. The good news is that the Guild
has made arrangements with the new ICE and the authors and has this available as a pdf file.

5700 Black Ops

Black Ops brings you into the complex, and often dangerous world of modern day covert operations with new rules for creating characters and handling combat. Inside this genre book you’ll find 3 new professions, training packages for modern characters, and guidelines for using Weapon Law in the modern world. You’ll also get equipment lists, guidelines on terrorism and counter-terrorism, a timeline of major world events, and sample adventures.

5701 Pulp Adventures

Pulp Adventures gives you everything you need to run adventures in the pulp genre, from GM info on the nature of the era to guidelines on how to resolve dramatic chase scenes. Includes three new professions for characters in the pulp world-the Academic, the Technician, and the Noble Savage; more than a dozen new training packages; and details on how to adjust the RMSS skill system for use in the pulp era. With guidelines on how to use Weapon Law: Firearms to provide a fully detailed combat system for the modern world, details on how to use magic in the pulp era, and equipment lists for characters in the pulp world.

5702 Shades of Darkness

In the not too distant future, technology has spawned a darkness no one knew could exist. The darkness swept like a tidal flood across the Earth, threatening to make mankind just another extinct species. But from Earth’s own shadowy corners arose a savior in the form of a Dark Angel. Now, the human race struggles to live from day to day, torn between two evils… torn between two shades of Darkness.

Shades of Darkness features new training packages, rules for blending lost technology and fantasy, guidelines on how corruption affects characters in play, and new spell lists.

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