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February 2024

Join the ICE WebRing

What is this Ring?
This webring is devoted to sites containing information on or usable with the Roleplaying Games owned and produced by Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) particularly Rolemaster, Spacemaster and HARP (High Adventure Role Playing).
This used to be managed using the Webring software at but is now being handled as a simple list of related sites.

Who Can Join?
Sites that meet the following criteria are welcome to submit a request to be added:

  • Must have material that relates to a game that ICE currently holds the license for. This includes all versions of Rolemaster, Spacemaster and HARP (High Adventure Role Playing), ICE’s newest game.
  • Sites devoted to Silent Death are also invited to join this Web Ring, even though Silent Death is more of a miniatures space battle game rather than a Role Playing game. It does share the same setting as the 2nd Edition of Spacemaster.
  • Sites devoted to the Shadow World setting, even under Non-ICE rule systems are welcome to join.
  • As ICE no longer holds the license for MERP (Middle Earth Role Playing), sites primarily devoted to that game system are welcome to join the Rolemaster/MERP Webring.
  • There must be significant useful content on your site, if your site is nothing more than a collection of links or is 90% “Under Construction” then you likely won’t get added. Sites with Alternate or House rules, Adventures, Campaign Histories, new races or equipment, etc are encouraged to join.
  • Sites with excessive profanity or adult content may be refused.
  • Sites with direct links to offensive material will be refused.

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