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July 2024

Join the MERP Webring

Welcome to the Homepage for the Rolemaster/MERP

This webring is devoted to sites containing information on the Roleplaying Games produced by Iron Crown Enterprises, particularly Rolemaster and MERP. This WebRing focuses on the older versions of ICE games and sites that have content related to Middle Earth.
The ICE Roleplaying WebRing is dedicated to the newer games and sites without Middle Earth content, although some sites will qualify for both WebRings.

Sites that have quality information on MERP and Rolemaster are encouraged to submit a link to be added. If your site is nothing more than a collection of links or is 90% “Under Construction” then you likely won’t get added. Sites with Alternate or House rules, Adventures, Campaign Histories, new races or equipment, etc are encouraged to join.

If you have any questions or run into problems, please feel free to send me an email.
Brent Knorr

5 comments to Join the MERP Webring

  • Hello:
    Used to belong to the Rolemaster/MERP webring years ago. My site is still up, but I can’t remember how to log in or what my credentials were. Is the webring still active? If so, can you reset my account?

  • Sorry but I don’t have any Merp products for sale. You can try Noble Knight, Sentry Box or Ebay. Links to Noble Knight and Sentry Box and a couple other RPG Stores are in the right hand column

  • nicolas

    i’m looking for supplements of merp and i want to buy them
    is it possible with you
    thank you

  • Zane Elliott

    I have the full map I think you are looking for, but it is quite large!

    I could take it to work and scan it on the photocopier, but you would need to try and put the segments together.

    I am looking for a chart from the 2nd edition MERP guidebook, which had the additional professions (warrior monk etc) do you have a copy of that?


  • I am a LOTR fan (extreme). That out of the way, I am looking for a very detailed map someone shared with me (Northwestern Middle Earth). The map came on many cut-outs that is supposed to be taped together and was a little short of showing all of Middle Earth. I would think that there is a complete map somewhere. Can you help?

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