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October 2021

Reviews, Tech notes

Got the next batch of reviews converted over to WordPress pages, also did find out that one of the DNS servers on my new host had not been properly updated, so occasionally people trying to get here (including me) would get sent to the old site, where I have deleted almost everything. That has now […]

Change of Website Hosts and updated MySql and Php

I’ve just made the move to a different host for this Website, and that included moving to newer versions of MySql and PHP. Overall this is good news for me, the bad news is that some of the functions for parts of the site are temporarily broken and I’ll need to get them fixed up. […]

Style Sheet updates

As a first step to making some adjustments to the way this site looks, I did a cleanup and reorganization of the main style sheet that I’m using, which of course could lead to some strange things occurring. I think I did manage to fix the odd problem with the side menu where it would […]


Finally added Banners to the site, using the AdRotator plugin, so, if you have a site related to ICE games and have a banner available, let me know and I’ll get it in the rotation.

Site Update

Updated to the newest version of WordPress. Overall it went okay, had a couple issues with one of the plugins that I updated, but turned out I had included an extra directory when I uploaded it, which seemed to confuse things. Once I fixed that, things seemed to be okay. If you notice anything that […]

Site Update

Updated to the newest version of WordPress. Overall it went okay except I also updated the plugins and the one that allows me to do “includes” to other php pages seems to be malfunctioning. Need to do some testing to see if it can be repaired, in the mean time, several pages will not be […]

Technical Difficulties

My ISP is having some technical difficulties which will hopefully be resolved soon, but is causing parts of the site to be unavailable on and off. If the side menus only have a couple of entries showing, then the problem is occuring again and you’ll probably need to try again in about 30 minutes. Sorry […]

Trying the new theme again.

It’s amazing what one stray “float: left” in your style.css can do to your pages. Got rid of that and the new Theme works much better, so I’ve reactivated it.

Reverted back to previous theme

Reverted back to using the Journalized theme as the Sidebar menu doesn’t show up in Explorer in the new theme, although it works fine in Mozilla and Firefox.

New Theme for the site

I’ve created a new theme for the site, which I admit looks an awful lot like the old Journalized theme, but I’ve simplified some sections to make it easier to work with, especially when I am integrating the big list of pages that exist outside the WordPress structure. It also allows me to more easily […]